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Microsoft vows to press Yahoo takeover bid

Yahoo has formally rejected Microsoft’s unsolicited $US44.6 billion offer, saying it “substantially undervalues” Yahoo, but left the door open for further negotiations.Full storyClient News:

01 February 2008 sign on with WCR and Clue Design

WCR Internet Marketing is proudly providing SEO and Paid Search Management to to increase their global presence and improve their ROI. Italy-Accom is based in Rome and offers quality appartment accommodation throughout Italy.

Samudra Surf & Yoga expand business to cater for women’s retreats.

Holdsworth House signs up for Premium plan & increases traffic by covering broader section of the market.

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Internet Advertising

The Internet has emerged as a medium for marketing and advertising since 1994. The Internet is different from conventional advertising media in several respects.

First, it can serve as not only a communications channel but also a transaction and distribution channel. Consumers can get information and make purchases and payments all through the Internet. No other medium can accomplish these marketing functions instantly, without resorting to other means.

Second, the Internet is by nature interactive. Users can initiate a shopping process by visiting a Web site and then clicking on hyper-linked text for more information. It is a two-way communication, with the Internet serving as a provider of customized content that meets an individual’s needs.

Third, it has the capacity for multimedia content. It can carry not only text and graphics but also audio and video content. The multimedia nature of the Internet is suitable for high-impact advertising. The Internet has become an integral part of the media mix for many advertisers, and new forms of advertising have filled the World Wide Web landscape, including animated banner ads, sponsor logos, interstitials, “advertorials,” “advertainment,” 3-D visualization and virtual tours.

Before working out any internet advertising strategy is important to conduct a comprehensive keyword competitive analysis on your target market so that know exactly what the demand and supply is within that market and which keywords are the right keywords to target in your advertising, in your links and your Web site pages.

Although free search engine listing and paid placement pseudo-advertising with the Search engines can be a very effective strategy for budget conscious businesses, paid advertising in some form, as scary as it sounds to shoestring e- merchants, is really important if you wish to really grow your business. Sometimes this is the only way to truly motivate others to carry your marketing message to their own networks of site visitors and e-mail newsletter recipients.

There are two basic types of advertising that even very small businesses can afford.

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Traditional advertising pays the publisher to carry an ad in the publication priced in proportion to how many people are likely to see the ad — readers, subscribers, etc. It is often sold on a CPM (cost per thousand “impressions”) basis. For example $10 CPM means that it costs $10 for 1,000 people to see the ad, or 1 cent per impression. While very targeted, successful B2B websites charge higher-than average CPMs, you can sometimes purchase semi-targeted banner advertising at $1 to $5 CPM, and expect a click-through rate (CTR) of 0.4%, more or less.

Another approach to paid advertising is to purchase an ad for a fixed cost per week or per issue, no matter how many visitors or subscribers happen to see it. For example, a two-line Advertisement in a well subscribed newsletter would generally get a much better click through rate than banner ads. Look for newsletters related to your site and investigate ad prices for small ads. You may be surprised at what you’ll find.


One very popular small business approach is to pay for advertising on a cost per click basis (CPC) otherwise known as Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). The best-known dedicated PPC site is (formerly and recently bought by Yahoo!) where you can bid on search terms. Your listing is ranked according to the price you bid (eg 10 cents) and your charge is assessed only if someone clicks on the listing. You can get started with for a minimum of US $50 initially and $20 per month, and minimum bid of 5 cents per click-through.

There are many similar sites ( that have no minimum bid, though none with the reach of However, since you only pay when someone clicks through, you can save money by using a combination of these less-visited sites with lower bid prices for keywords.

If you are really after some serious traffic, Google has got a comprehensive and flexible “Adwords” PPC service well entrenched now. But be careful if you are inexperienced with Internet Advertising and/or you have not done a careful analysis of their new “broad matching” (default) keyword feature and related matching types. There are many traps, causing you to pay for keywords not intended or targeted or to pay a higher rate than needed. I strongly recommend you read our Google Advertising tips page and seek advise from ourselves when appropriate.

We encourage you to experiment with paid advertising — don’t be afraid of it. Better still, pay WCR to experiment for you and let us take the risk out of it for you. Even shoestring e-merchants need to spend some money to make money. Your goal is to find an effective form of advertising for your goods and services that is affordable from a cost-per-sale perspective and therefore sustainable on a month-to-month basis.

When one of our clients is on an optimal Web Marketing Plan, we use the monthly income to design PPC advertising campaigns, working with copywriting skills, click-path analysis, link building and advertising skills to bring relevant, qualified leads to your business.

Your internet advertising campaign is ongoing, which means your businesses exposure online is continually growing.

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